Friday, February 23, 2024

‘AI message writing tool’ is coming to help you in Instagram, this is how it will work

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Instagram has also been experimenting with Artificial Intelligence (AI) features since the launch of Meta AI. Now, a new leak has emerged claiming that the social media platform is working on an AI message-writing feature. It is said to allow users to rewrite, annotate, and make stylistic changes to pre-composed messages in Instagram direct messages (DM). Meanwhile, Meta’s latest social media platform Threads has also started testing a post saving feature that will bookmark posts for later viewing.

Mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi revealed details about the feature on X (formerly known as Twitter) on Thursday. leak Did. He shared a screenshot where the typed text can be seen in the chat box with the Write with AI option. Responding to another user’s question on its functionality, Paluzzi said, “It will probably annotate your message in different styles, just like Google’s Magic Compose works.”

Although details about the AI ​​message-writing feature are not known – given that users must select and highlight text for the option to appear – it appears that the AI ​​cannot generate messages on its own inside text fields . This feature is like an AI text editor. Existing devices provide features like rewriting, summarizing, increasing the length of text, changing the tone and style structure as well as adding more relevant content to it.

It should be noted that Instagram’s AI can already generate content through a different process. For this, users have to type “@Meta AI” after the message in any chat and the AI ​​​​will respond to it. Other people present in the chat will also be able to see the message. Notably, the company claims that the AI ​​can read only the messages where it is tagged and the rest of the text will remain private. Similarly, if it is not tagged it will not be able to answer any questions. Currently Meta AI is only available in the US.

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