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AI Image Creator: Now Microsoft Edge browser will also create photos, this feature is not even in Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge AI Image Creator

Image Credit source: Microsoft

Microsoft Edge AI Feature: Now you will be able to create any picture you want in Microsoft Edge. Microsoft has introduced a great feature in the browser which creates images using Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Often some photos are needed while working online. We search a lot for these photos on the internet but can’t find the desired image. However, now you do not need to worry much because internet browser Will only make your favorite image. Yes, it has come true Microsoft Edge Artificial Intelligence (AI)AI) produces photos through. Such a feature will not be available even on the most used browser Google Chrome.

Microsoft Edge is slowly getting better than before. If you need an image then it is a waste of time to go here and there. You can create custom images directly thanks to the AI ​​feature of Microsoft Edge. That is, now you will not have to worry much for the image.

world’s first browser

AI image generator equipped with the power of DALL-E is being used in Microsoft Edge. Edge has now become the world’s first internet browser that comes with a built-in image generator. The company is presenting its products with OpenAI’s Generative AI products. Almost all Microsoft products and services are GPT-4 supported. At the same time, the advanced version of DALL-E will be supported in Edge and Bing.

Microsoft Edge Image Creator: How to use it

If you want to use Microsoft Edge’s image creator, then its method is very easy. However, first you have to enable this feature. You have to add Image Creator manually from the sidebar. For this, first open the sidebar.

Now click on the “+” button. Scroll down to the bottom and toggle the switch next to Image Creator.

Microsoft Edge Image Creator: Create your own photos

After adding the image creator to the sidebar, you can create images. To create an image, you have to write something, then this system will create the image. Bing will start generating images based on your message. At the moment it is not clear how many pictures Microsoft’s AI Creator can make. Now you can make pictures even while doing some work.



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