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AI Eye Device: If there is no light in the eyes, AI will show the world! A boon for the blind

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National University of Singapore (NUS) created AI device for eyes.Image Credit source: NSU

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the hottest technology of the present time. AI is being used in different sectors of the world. Some people see it as a threat, while others see it as making people’s lives better. Artificial Intelligence is bringing dawn in the lives of blind and low vision people. National University of Singapore has developed an AI device. Its name is AiSee, it helps in identifying things.

If a blind person takes some goods, AISee tells that person the complete information about the goods. Things like visual recognition have improved through AI. it technology Can prove helpful in identifying things. If there is any danger from something then the blind person will know.

AISee will make life easier

AISee is like a headphone. By wearing this, the problems of people suffering from poor eyesight will be eliminated to a great extent. AISee is equipped with a micro-camera. It examines the scene in front of the user. Its software can recognize text, logos and labels etc. AISee analyzes things using cloud based AI algorithms.

help identify things

Suppose a blind person went to a grocery shop to buy some items. When he picks up an item, AISee will take a photo of it and do the processing. AISee sees the goods through headphones and gives information about them. This will help in purchasing the right goods.

Talk to AISee

After wearing AISee, the user can ask many questions about the item. It has text-to-speech and speech-to-text recognition features, making inquiries easy. This device has been built using a large language model. To make the AISee project successful, BP De Salva Holdings Company has given 1.50 lakh Singapore dollars i.e. about Rs 92.56 lakh.

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