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AI Cracks UPSC Prelims: PadhAI Scores Top Marks in 7 Minutes

The power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making waves in India, particularly in the realm of competitive exams. Here’s a look at a groundbreaking achievement:

PadhAI Aces UPSC Prelims:

  • An AI application named PadhAI developed by IIT students stunned the nation by scoring a remarkable 170 out of 200 marks in the UPSC 2024 Prelims exam.
  • This feat was accomplished in an astonishing 7 minutes, showcasing the incredible processing speed and knowledge base of the AI.
  • PadhAI’s score potentially places it among the national toppers for the UPSC Prelims.

Transparency and Public Access:

  • The developers ensured transparency by solving the question paper publicly at The Lalit Hotel, Delhi. Renowned education figures, UPSC representatives, and journalists witnessed the process.
  • The entire event, including the questions and answers generated by PadhAI, was live-streamed on YouTube and the app’s website.

A Glimpse into the Future of Education?

  • PadhAI’s CEO, Karthikeya Mangalam, believes this is a sign of things to come. He predicts more educational institutions leveraging AI for efficient and accurate exam solutions.
  • This event could mark a turning point in the way competitive exams are approached, potentially influencing future study methods and strategies.

AI Innovation in India:

  • This achievement highlights the growing advancements in AI technology within India.
  • It follows another recent innovation – an AI chair created by a student, which reminds politicians of their unfulfilled promises.

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