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AI Cloud Data and other hot jobs in 2022

A Microsoft survey showed that About 41% of global workers are thinking of changing jobs. The main factors to look for are flexible, hybrid working offerings, which means being able to do both at work. or from a distance and would like to work with an organization that invests in technology including paying attention to the health and safety of employees

In terms of businesses or employers, over the past one to two years, we’ve seen more and more clearly the role technology plays in our lives. It’s no wonder the 2022 employment market is filled with tech-related jobs.

data analyst and data scientists

One of the most well-known sentences is “data is a new oil” that English mathematician Clive Humby said in 2006.

This saying, if translated literally, is Information is a new form of oil. The real meaning is Having information is like having an oil well. To have great value, it must be distilled and processed to create value and usefulness. Therefore, any business must take the information that is available to analyze it. to make the most of it Duties of Data Analysts and data scientists is collecting, evaluating and interpreting data. through statistical mathematical processes or using techniques like machine learning, which is a system that can learn from examples on its own without the programmer’s input, or optimisation, that is, to increase efficiency. In order to come to the conclusion that the business can be applied according to its objectives, such as clearly categorizing each customer group in order to offer products that meet their needs and market to the point, or assess future sales and manage the transportation system to support them effectively. efficiency 

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Businesses like Google, Amazon or Facebook succeed on two main factors that are similar: 1) having a wealth of data on hand and 2) having the resources to analyze and interpret that data. But it’s not just online businesses where data analysts are key. Businesses in the category of health care services, finance, transportation systems and e-commerce. There is a growing demand for this position.

AI and Machine Learning Specialist

Nowadays, AI is clearly playing a role in our daily life. And the use of AI has also changed. by focusing more on problem solving Amazon Business Uses AI to Predict Product Demand Algorithms can tell how likely a product is in demand. This in turn affects the estimation of increasing or decreasing storage space to meet demand, reducing costs and making products cheaper. 

Those interested in working in this field must have a deep understanding of software design, statistics and programming, as well as data collection, storage, and transmission systems.

Cloud expert

over the years Many businesses are turning to remote server networks. The more jobs that employees can work remotely. The more you rely on this technology. These network providers are like Google Drive, Dropbox or iCloud. Many people are familiar with these names. And continue to use services for personal matters more often, the demand for this type of service will expand more These businesses will become more and more competitive.

The upcoming work is Cloud Engineer, who is responsible for all technical aspects of the cloud. such as defining the structure and designing user interfaces It is also responsible for planning, managing and maintaining the cloud infrastructure.

Software developers, websites and applications

A career in this field is not a new one. But in the future there will be more demand. and has a variety of dimensions These tasks extend to design. Setting up the infrastructure for maximum utilization It is a job that takes care of both the front of the house and the back of the house. website example Or an application must focus on UX Design or user experience to make them feel satisfied and want to come back to use it again, for example, easy to read, easy to use, has a clear step-by-step process that is convenient for users.

Those who work in UX Design must have knowledge and understanding of user behavior, understand problems, and be able to manage and fix them. If a user has a bad experience with the platform, they may turn to another service that feels that makes life easier.

If you look at user care work as a front page job Back-office work is also the type that takes care of the mechanisms behind the activities on that platform. which the user cannot see, such as updating the database system connection Those who do this work need to understand coding or writing a computer program with code.

Stress Management

Another type of job that’s as hot as IT and technology jobs is mental health. This was one of the major problems that preceded the COVID-19 crisis. Mental illness affects the productivity of employees around the world. as Germany Mental illness is the third leading cause of employee incapacity. and causing considerable economic damage Especially now that the world is going into a state of rapid change. The more likely it is that people will be carrying more stress.

The pandemic has also made people pay more attention to their health, both physically and mentally, and companies are increasingly adopting policies on the health of their employees. To attract employees who value benefits other than salary

work as a therapist mentor or advice will be needed in the modern world, more and more branching The economic toxicity also made people in need of financial advice, which in the future could also be done remotely.

Can robots really replace people?

We have already heard a lot that robots and machines will replace more human labor. Will it be true?

The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2022, the proportion of man-made hours to tasks performed by machines or algorithms will move from 71% to 29% to 58% to 42%, with mechanization. to work on reasoning, decision making, general management and more research

By 2022, these occupations in demand in the job market will increase from 16% to 27%, meaning there will be about 133 million jobs added, while jobs that are not compatible with today’s technology will drop from 31. % to 21%, or approximately 75 million jobs were dropped.

But it does not mean that machines will completely dominate the labor market until human labor is meaningless. Because AI is not smart enough to understand the minds and emotions of humans. Some human skills are still in demand. and will be more valuable like work that requires creativity initiative critical thinking persuasive negotiations attention to detail or tasks that require solving complex problems, etc., and the distinctive features that are needed are emotional intelligence leadership social influence and help to others

These new jobs may sound too difficult to understand. But some jobs are those that can be practiced even without prior knowledge or experience. Employers can provide courses for inexperienced employees to enhance their skills in line with organizational changes. Or people who want to change careers can start by studying for information or looking for a serious place to study.

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