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After working hard all his life, farmer bought Mercedes car at the age of 88, see emotional video

New Delhi.
A Farmer Buys Mercedes Benz Car in Chennai:
The happiness that comes from fulfilling the dreams that are seen with the awake eyes, is hardly in any beautiful things in the world. A farmer from Chennai has done just that, whose example the world is giving. Yes, you must be thinking that instead of tying the role, why am I not talking about the issue, then let me tell you that the thing is actually so beautiful that bridges of words are necessary to describe it. So it happened that 80 years ago today an 8 year old boy from Chennai saw a Mercedes car for the first time and vowed that I will definitely buy this car at some point in my life. Now after seeing the spring of 88 lives, he has fulfilled the promise made to himself 80 years ago and the dream he saw with open eyes by buying a Mercedes car. So, now let’s tell the story in detail.

Unique story of a farmer…
A true story of a Farmer- Childhood dream to own a Mercedes-Benz In the video published on YouTube channel SBS AVIATION, the story is of Devarajan, a farmer from Kancheepuram district adjoining Chennai, who completed the Mercedes journey in 80 years by bullock cart. . Yes, this story is about the Lifetime Achievement Award of a farmer, where he worked hard for 80 years and made enough money to buy a Mercedes-Benz at the age of 88. This video is from the year 2018, which is becoming quite viral now and people are giving the example of Devarajan.

Dreams are dreams…
The 88-year-old farmer says – I was 8 years old, at that time only our cycle used to be our ride. At that time, I saw a Mercedes car for the first time, which must have either been a movie star or a businessman. I didn’t even know the name of that car at that time. That’s when I decided that someday I would definitely buy this car. The age and phases of life kept on increasing and now such a time has come that I felt that the time has come to fulfill the dream. The cake was arranged by the Mercedes Benz dealership for this elderly farmer and the Mercedes Benz key was handed over in the presence of the family members. So it is said that hobbies and needs motivate a man to work hard and what is the fruit of that hard work, this Chennai farmer told.


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