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After the death of a human, now manure will be made from it for trees and plants! originated in this country

After death the human body is of no use. But now its implementation has started. After death in western countries, the process of converting the human body into manure has started. New York has also joined this episode, where the human body has been approved for composting after death. It is also called human compost.

Human composting is now approved in New York. After which, if any citizen now wants, he can get his body converted into manure by telling his wish before dying. It is being called an eco-friendly way of dying. BBC’s Report According to this, instead of burning or burying, another process is used with the dead body so that the body turns into compost and mixes with the soil.

America In the US, it was first launched in Washington in 2019. After that Colorado, Vermont and California also joined this episode. Now this process has also been approved in New York, after which it is the sixth state in America in which human composting has now become legal. The governor here, Kathy Hochul, has stamped it in the past.

A special process is used in human composting. In this, the dead body is kept in a closed container. Along with the body are some pieces of wood, which are extremely thin, alfalfa and a kind of hay. It is kept in such a way that slowly it breaks down and turns into compost due to bacteria. After about a month, it is heated and passed through a process so that harmful germs are killed from it and this prepared soil is handed over to their relatives. This soil can be used as manure for flowering plants, vegetables and trees.

For this, some firms also work there, including Recompose. The firm says that it provides such services. This can reduce thousands of kilos of carbon per year by providing an alternative to the traditional burying or incineration process. Since carbon dioxide climate change, global warming considered to be the main reason for by this Earth’s temperature is rising And it keeps getting hotter. That’s why it is believed that human composting will prove helpful in preventing it.

The coffin used in traditional burial involves the cost of wood, the need for separate land, and other than that, the cost of many types of natural resources comes in it. That’s why human composting is considered an eco-friendly way of dying. Apart from this, people who support this process also say that this will not only benefit the environment, but it will also prove to be very useful in such cities where the burial ground is continuously decreasing.


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