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After how many kilometers should the engine oil be changed, what could be the problem?

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You have to maintain your car as much as you maintain your face. If you do not get your car serviced on time, you have to face losses. Getting the car serviced from time to time increases the life of the car. Many times some people ignore the servicing of their car, after which they have to bear huge expenses. In such a situation, the engine oil of the car has to be changed from time to time. Read further about what effect non-replacement has on the car.

Failure to change engine oil will result in serious consequences

If you do not change the engine oil of your car time to time, you may suffer a loss of thousands. Here we will tell you when you should get your car’s engine oil changed. Not only this, if you do not change the engine oil on time, what harm can it cause?

When to change car engine oil?

Two types of engine oil are put in the car. Engine oil should be changed also depends on the type of oil. But if you put synthetic engine oil in the car, then you should get it changed after the car runs between 10 to 15 thousand kilometers.

  • Whereas if you put normal engine oil in the car, then you should get the engine oil changed after covering a distance of 2 to 3 thousand kilometers.
  • You should always keep checking the smoothness of the oil.
  • Not only the engine oil, you also need to change the oil filter along with it. If you do not do this then the new oil may also spoil quickly.
  • Keep in mind that if your car has driven less kilometers or it has been more than a year since the engine oil was changed, then get it changed immediately.

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