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After foldable, flip phones, phones with stretchable displays will come, the display can be enlarged by pulling it

New Delhi: LG just unveiled stretchable display: What will smartphones look like in the future? Who wants to see the future. They can guess from this. How the upcoming technology will come can be predicted. Smartphones have changed a lot in the last few years. That’s how surprising it is. As rollable and foldable smartphones are coming. We can definitely see this impact on smartphones in the next few years. In terms of foldable and flip smartphones, Samsung is doing more in this sector than any other brand.

LG introduced stretchable display

The company is launching new foldable and flip phones one after another. Other brands are also launching fold and flip phones. But, no market has the same impact as Samsung. But now LG has shown a similar display. Which can give a new mode to this segment. The company has shown the world’s first high resolution stretchable display. Which you can do both foldable and twist. Also can enlarge the display of the phone by pulling it. According to the company, you can pull the 12-inch display down to 14-inch. This will not damage the display.

There will be phones like this in the future
Resilient film has been used in making this LG display. Now this technology will be fully developed. Smartphones and other display products can be taken in a new direction. The company said in a blog post that micro LED light has been used to make this display. The company is going to use S form spring wired system instead of linear wired system.

The display will also be placed in clothes
According to the brand, it can be used in skin wear, clothing, furniture, automobiles and aircraft. The lightweight design will allow this technology to be used to create portable devices. This will help in reducing the weight of the device. LG explained that they are working with many organizations in South Korea on this product. Currently only this technology has been showcased. It has not been used in any commercial device yet.

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