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After buying a new smartphone do not forget to do ‘this’ work, otherwise there may be a big loss, see tips

New Delhi: It is now impossible to imagine daily life without a smartphone. Users always have mobile phones in their hands. Whether it’s texting, emailing, school work or office work on WhatsApp. Nowadays everyone is dependent on Smartphone. If you are thinking of upgrading from an old handset to a new smartphone, today we are going to tell you some important things to keep in mind. .See details. Every customer buys a new smartphone according to his budget, at this time mobiles are available in the market from low to high budget. If you are thinking of getting a new Flagship smartphone, it is always better to take an extended warranty with the mobile. There are some companies in the market that also take out phone insurance. By taking insurance, you can avoid losses if the phone is stolen or damaged in any way.

Also need to know about smartphone charging:

When you charge a smartphone for the first time after purchasing a new phone, charge only after turning off the phone. This is said to make the phone’s battery last longer.

Tempered glass is also important for newer smartphones:

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After removing the mobile from the retail box, it is first necessary to install Tempered Glass. Because, if the phone falls out of the hand, the screen of the phone is more likely to break. Which can cost you dearly. Having Tempered Glass on the screen of the phone reduces the chances of breaking the screen of the phone.

Mobile cover required : Some people spend a lot when buying a new smartphone. But, when the smartphone comes home, they take care of it and avoid buying even the cheapest Mobile Accessories. If you are doing the same, stop it on time. Don’t ignore Mobile Coer. Having a cover on the smartphone reduces the risk of damage if the phone falls down. This makes mobile more secure. This means that the cost of a smartphone falling down and breaking can be saved by a cheap mobile cover.


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