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After Apple, Google now cyberattacked Russia, removed RT News and Sputnik app

Google has taken a tough step after Apple and they have removed Russia Today (RT) and Sputnik’s apps from their mobile app store, Google Play Store. After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, two Kremlin-lined media outlets have been approved in the European Union. In this way, on one hand the bombing is going on and on the other hand the cyber attack is going on and now many tech companies have also stood up against Russia.

Google had earlier banned the RT News app in Ukraine at the request of the government in Kyiv.

As we mentioned earlier, the EU legal ban on Russia Today and Sputnik will cover all distribution channels, including online platforms.

And yesterday, before the EU approval went into effect, Google also announced it would block RT and Sputnik’s YouTube channels. However in that case it is only geoblocking access to their YouTube channels in the EU where legal sanctions would apply, rather than suspending their accounts globally.

RT News appealed

Meanwhile, after the ban of RT News, now the Deputy Editor-in-Chief has told that tech companies have been banned without any evidence. While Sputnik has not said anything about this. Thus to remind you that Google has removed news websites from the App Store in Europe and it is not known how long this ban will last.

Apple has stopped the sale of its products in Russia

Similarly, tech giant Apple took the first step and decided that it was stopping selling its products in Russia. Meanwhile, a statement issued by Apple said, “We are deeply concerned about the Russian attack on Ukraine and stand in support of all the victims’ families in the ongoing violence.”

Apart from this, like other social media platforms, Meta has also decided that they are blocking their platforms in Russia. Now it remains to be seen how long this war will last.


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