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Aehra Electric Car: This electric car with a Lamborghini like design, gives a range of 800 km in full charge

Photo Courtesy: Aehra

Aehra Electric Car: American branded Tesla ranks first among electric cars. For a long time, the company has made headlines for more than one of its models. But now a new electric car has been launched in the market to give a tough competition to it. This different kind of startup named Aehra will leave everyone behind in no time.

The Italian American company has given the largest multi-screen display in its new electric car. The interior of this car looks like an aircraft. It was launched in October 2022 and the deliveries will start very soon. The biggest feature of an electric car is its dashboard.

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Photo Courtesy: Aehra

The 30-inch display found in the BMW car is also small in front of it. Its largest display is divided into three parts. All the information related to the drive becomes available on this. On this you can do speed, navigation, camera system and theater experience. Its screen can be used separately and simultaneously. If you use it together then it can give a cinema hall like experience.

Photo Courtesy: Aehra

This electric car gives a strong range of 800 kilometers in a single charge, which is considered very good in cars of this segment. Currently, the BYD Atto 3 has the highest range in India. If it is launched in India, it can beat Lamborghini. If you look at it, it looks a lot like the Lamborghini Huracan. Electric two wheelers are already being sold in the Indian market

Photo Courtesy: Aehra

But so far no Lakshya car has been launched in the support segment. If Aehra wants, it can launch it and capture the Indian market. This car also has a small display under the big screen. Many controls like heating and ventilation are available on it. The design of the electric SUV is inspired by aeroplanes. Its seats are made of aluminum, recyclable carbon fiber, low contrast and leather.

Photo Courtesy: Aehra

The cabin offers decent legroom and recycled seats. That is, this car is also eco friendly. 5 people can easily sit in it. The electric motor given in it generates power of 800 hp and its top speed is 265 kilometers per hour. With the fast charging feature you can get a full charge in less time.


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