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Ads Banned | Twitter took a big decision regarding climate, this type of advertisement was banned.

New Delhi: The world famous micro-blogging site Twitter has taken an important and big decision. According to the company, it will no longer show any such advertisements (Ads in Twitter) on its platform, which will have any effect on the climate or which do not believe in the scientific side on climate change.

It is to be known that the search engine giant Google has already implemented this policy. In such a situation, now Twitter is also adopting this policy. Twitter has said in a statement that, the urgent conversation about climate change due to AIDS should never be isolated. At the same time, this decision of the company shows that Twitter is working on reducing the carbon footprint.

According to the company, Twitter took this decision after a warning report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) surfaced. In which it has been told that, greenhouse gam emissions need to be halved by 2030 or there may be catastrophe.

Twitter has said in its blog post that there is a need for creditbill, authoritative information on climate change. Climate-destroying content should not be monetized on Twitter. Because of this, Twitter has banned all AIDS that mislead on climate change. Apart from the ads ban, the company also told about its decisions which are environmentally friendly.

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