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Adani has a big plan for e-mobility, now this deal with Mahindra

Adani Group is continuously working to increase its influence in the e-mobility sector of the country. That’s why he has made a big deal first with Uber and now with Mahindra Group. After all, what is the whole plan of Adani Group? Read this news…

Electric vehicle segment i.e. e-mobility is growing rapidly in India. In such a situation, Adani Group is trying to increase its involvement in this sector. Therefore, Adani Group is working in this segment from fleet operation to charging solutions. Now Adani Group company Adani Total Gas has also signed a deal with Mahindra & Mahindra.

‘Adani Total Energy e-Mobility Limited’ (ATEL), a unit of Adani Total Gas, will now set up electric charging stations across the country. At all these charging stations, Mahindra & Mahindra will get exclusive space to charge its electric vehicles. For this, an MOU has also been signed between the two companies.

Mahindra will have more than 1100 chargers

Actually, Mahindra & Mahindra has made this deal with Adani Total Gas to set up electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure across the country. According to the MOU, both the companies will prepare a blueprint for building a comprehensive EV charging infrastructure in the country. Under this partnership, both the companies will establish charging network for easy discovery of space, availability, navigation and transactions etc. and will offer e-mobility solutions to the customers. With this, customers of Mahindra’s electric car XUV400 will have access to more than 1,100 special chargers.

Adani’s big plan for EV

Earlier, another company of Adani Group has announced to build a big charging network for the EV segment. Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited is working on a plan to install more than 8,500 chargers for electric vehicles (EVs) in apartment blocks in Mumbai. Adani’s company has also started a Share Charge initiative, under which multiple vehicle owners can use the same charging structure. For these, vehicle owners can select their car charging time slot in advance and make payment directly from the mobile app.

Adani’s deal with Uber

Earlier, Adani Group had made a deal with Uber for its super app Adani One. According to this, people can get the facility to avail the service of Uber on Adani One App. Adani Group, which already runs commercial electric vehicle fleets such as buses, coaches and trucks, can also run electric car fleets.

Adani Group does not manufacture cars, but it needs electric vehicles on a large scale to run its airport and port operations. In such a situation, under the deal with Uber, Adani Group will buy electric vehicles, work on their branding and then connect them with Uber’s fleet.


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