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Actress Chhavi Mittal spotted UFO! Also posted the video, said- I swear he was an alien

Cases of sightings of UFOs i.e. Unidentified Flying Objects are reported abroad, although an Indian actress has surprised her claim. TV actress Chhavi Mittal has said that she saw UFOs on Halloween night. Chavvi has also shared a video clip on her social media account, claiming her claim to be true. It has been told what a sight they saw in the night sky. People are reacting to the claim of the image. Many people have told him not to accept it as true.

In her video post, Chhavi wrote that she saw a UFO on Halloween. I swear he was an alien!! The image told that the object moved from the earth like a rocket. Stayed in the air for some time. Went in the opposite direction and again came to the same place. The image has told that green and red light was blinking from the object. People are giving their feedback on the video of the image and its claim.

DNA Hindi: Chhavi Mittal Spotted UFO: Famous TV actress Chhavi Mittal is very active on social media. She is seen sharing interesting posts every day to remain in the discussion among her fans. At the same time, recently once again she has come in the headlines for some similar reasons. The actress has claimed in her latest post that she has actually seen a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object). She has also shared a video about an alien to make people believe, in which she is seen showing a UFO falling from the sky.

Actress gave proof of alien

Chhavi has shared a video on her Instagram account in which she is seen standing from the balcony of her house and showing the sky. In this video, a bright star-like thing is seen moving in the dark sky of the night. This thing seems to be coming fast from the sky and going towards the ground. However, where it fell was not visible in the video. To see this bright thing, you also have to watch the video very carefully. Watch this video of Chivya Mittal going viral here-

‘It was UFOs’

Sharing this video, the image wrote in the caption- ‘It left the earth like a rocket, then stopped in the middle of the air and then went back towards the earth. It first appeared green, then red and then suddenly disappeared from the eyes. I don’t know if UFOs look like ghosts on Halloween but I swear it happened and it was aliens’.

There was a similar view at a user’s house as well.

Comments are being received on this post of the actress. Many fans seem to be right about the actress. Many people have commented on this post saying that they have also seen UFO in the video. Surprisingly, a user has commented on this post of the image and told that he too had a similar view from his house. This user wrote- ‘Something similar happened to me too. Me and my cousins ​​had a close look from our terrace. Something transparent appeared and then disappeared like a ghost in a few seconds. However, many have refused to accept it as correct.

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