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Accident with Ola S1 Pro Electric Scooter! If the user pointed out the flaw, the company said ‘rider’s fault’

Ola Electric Scooter is in the news once again. Not long ago, there was news of a fire in Ola’s electric scooter. It has been a while since the incident that now another negative update has been received for Ola Electric from Assam. In Guwahati, Assam, a man met with a road accident due to a technical fault in his Ola two-wheeler. The driver is said to have suffered serious injuries. The accident is said to have happened to a boy, whose father has also written about it on Twitter. Referring to the incident, the boy’s father has said that the regenerative braking system of the Ola S1 Pro did not work properly and it caused the accident.

The incident has also been posted on Twitter by the user’s family. Balwant Singh, father of the victim of the accident has shared a post on social media handle. It has been told that this accident happened on 26 March 2022. The man has written that his son was going somewhere on a scooter and midway the regenerative braking system of the scooter did not work properly due to which the speed of the scooter on the speed breaker became more and more faster instead of reducing and the boy was responsible for the accident. became a victim. The driver has suffered serious injuries in the accident.

The matter made headlines on social media. Ola Electric then contacted the family affected by the accident and consoled the injured boy for his speedy recovery. After this the company inspected the scooter and repaired it. The scooter was then sent back to the user. However, Ola later said that the scooter did not find any deficiencies in the investigation. The company instructed the user to drive safely.

Similar cases have been coming up for Ola Electric for some time now. Last month, a fire broke out in the Ola S1 Pro electric scooter in Pune. A video of the incident also went viral. The video showed how the Ola electric scooter parked on the road caught fire and soon the entire scooter started burning. Ola Electric’s image has apparently been damaged by such incidents.

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