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AC will become sour cooler, will start giving ice-like coolness in the sultry summer

New Delhi. In summer the cooler cools a lot. But in the sultry summer, many times the cooler fails. Because of the moisture in the air, the cooling is not complete. Today we are going to tell you one such plate, which if fitted with the fan motor will start giving the cooler tremendous cooling. Along with this, the speed of the cooler fan will also be very fast. That is, you can get not one but two benefits from this.

DC Motor PWM Speed ​​Regulator can be bought both online or offline. You can also get a discount when you buy online. Also, it is also available with fast delivery option. If you order today it will be delivered by tomorrow. The price of this device is Rs.89. If you buy it today then you will have to pay 18% GST separately.

DC Motor PWM Speed ​​Regulator is present in 1.8V, 3V, 5V, 6V, 12V-2A speed control. Its Duty Cycle is Full Adjustable. It comes with 0% to 100% laboriousness. The specialty of DC Motor is that it picks up 2A current only. This plate is considered to be the best for controlling the speed of DC Voltage. If you fit it, then it can easily maintain the speed of the cooler.

An engineer may be needed to connect the DC motor to the motor terminal. A wiring diagram can go a long way in fitting this out. While fitting it, special care has to be taken of the voltage as well. The connection has to be taken care of while fitting the supply voltage to the circuit. Motor speed can then be controlled by this. There will be no need for regulator again. Because it can be easily controlled again.

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