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AC Price Hike: If you want to buy less power consuming AC, then you will have to pay more money

AC Price Hike: Summer is at its peak, so if you are thinking of bringing a new AC in the house, then you will have to pay a higher price. Actually, the prices of Air Conditioner Pay are going to increase by 10 percent. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has implemented a new rule regarding the star rating of ACs. The rating of all existing ACs has decreased by one star. For example, the air conditioner which used to have 5 star rating earlier, its rating has come down to 4 stars. If you are thinking of buying a 5 star AC that consumes less power, then you will have to pay a higher price. It is believed that due to the change in the methods of giving star rating, the prices of ACs are going to increase by 7 to 10 percent. According to the BEE guidelines, along with increasing the airflow of the AC and increasing the surface area of ​​the copper tube, the manufacturing companies are now also having to install energy efficient compressor in the AC. Due to this the cost of production has increased due to which the prices of ACs are going to increase.

5 star ac will be expensive
The change in the rules of Star Rating has been implemented on AC from the month of July. But from January next year, this rule will be applicable on refrigerators as well. It is believed that the new star rating system will be applicable on refrigerators from next year after AC. Just as consumer durables companies are increasing the prices of ACs after the change in star rating, similarly, the price of refrigerators is also set to increase after the implementation of the new star system. Due to the new star rating, the cost of companies will increase, which they will pass on to the customers, due to which the refrigerator is sure to be expensive after AC. According to the guidelines of the new energy rating, companies are going to have an additional burden of 2000 to 2500 rupees per unit for manufacturing AC and refrigerator.

New star rating will save electricity
Energy consumption of ACs and refrigerators and change in star rating is estimated to save up to 20 percent of electricity. Consumer durables companies have 6 months to dispose of the old stock. But all new manufacturing will be with new energy consumption rating. The rule of change in the energy rating of AC was to be applicable from January 2022 itself. But due to the demand of the companies, it was postponed for 6 months. The next deadline for change in the star rating of AC is 2025.

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