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AC not cooling? Can repair at home

New Delhi. With the increase in heat, the cooling of AC also decreases. In such a situation, you can increase the cooling again by making some changes. Today we are going to tell you about making some such changes. With that done, the AC will start cooling like new again. Also, you do not even need an engineer for this. To know about many easy ways or home remedies to repair AC, definitely read this news completely-

AC will start cooling even after getting service done.

Sometimes the AC does not do cooling even due to no service. But after taking many home remedies, your AC will be like new. If you do not want to get it done by a service engineer, then you will have to do some measures for it yourself. If you have any high pressure in the house, then you can clean the outdoor unit of AC on your own. However, if you get AC service from the company, you may have to pay double the money.

It is also necessary to clean the indoor unit-

If the AC is not cooling then it is also very important for you to clean the indoor unit. Cooling can also be increased by cleaning the filter of the indoor unit. But while cleaning the indoor unit, you also have to pay attention to very fine things. Because making a small mistake can reduce the cooling of your AC. To keep the AC right, you always have to keep the indoor unit clean.

It is also necessary to get the gas checked-

If you have Split AC, then it is very important that you keep checking its gas as well. Because the AC does not do cooling even in the event of low gas. Whereas we think that this is happening due to service or weather. While this can also happen due to gas. You should also ask the engineer for gas checking. But remember that the gas pressure is different in non-inverter and inverter AC. So you should always keep this in mind.

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