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AC fails in front of these coolers! Bacteria free air with cooling, half the price of AC

The summer season has started in the country. In such a situation, the demand for cooling products has increased. If you are thinking of buying a new air cooler and air conditioner, then you should buy a better cooling product. Otherwise your money can be wasted. In such a situation, some things should be taken care of before buying an air cooler and AC. An air cooler stores fresh air from outside and cools it, while an air conditioner circulates the indoor air continuously and then cools the room. Unlike an air conditioner, an air cooler does not over-dry the air. Moreover, an air cooler is an eco-friendly and pocket-friendly as compared to an air conditioner.

Hindware Smart Appliances Powerstorm Air Cooler – 125 Ltrs
This air cooler has an impressive air delivery of 5500 m3/hr. It has a large tank capacity of 125 liters. Also, 18-inch large aluminum blades are given, which throw air up to 18 meters. In addition, all three air coolers are provided with anti-bacterial honeycomb cooling pads. Its Bacto-Shield Technology cooling pads reduce bacterial growth by up to 99.9%. Its Big Ice Chamber feature ensures fast and long-lasting cooling. This air cooler comes with a 4-way air deflection mechanism for effective cooling. It comes with 3-speed operations. Its price is Rs.24490.Hindware Smart Appliances Spade Desert Cooler – 54 Ltrs
A 54 liter water tank is given in the air cooler. In this you get a great cooling experience. It also comes with a motorized vertical louver movement for cooler air distribution. With a strong air throw of up to 15 meters, the air cooler offers an air delivery range of 4500 m3/hr. It comes with Woodwool cooling pads. It has a water level indicator. The cooler comes with an optional trolley for easy movement via castor wheels. Its price is Rs.15990.


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