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Absolutely no re-charge

More often, we wish a mobile, that does not need to be recharged due to our habit of great forgetting. Sometimes we really hate to charge our cellphones out of pressure of changing it regularly, at particular intervals. Well, there coming a solution. A self- powering handset that never needs to be charged is on the anvil – thanks to the effort of the American researchers, who has developed a new-technology that could make self-powered device to the reality.

The self-powering cell phone would not require its battery to be charged because it would convert sound waves produced by the user into substantial energy that needs to keep it running. This is some short of internal technical arrangement, which does not need external charging as presently done every now & then. Tahir Cogin, a professor in the Artic McFerrin department of chemical engineering at Texas A & M University has used materials called ‘piezoelectrics’ to develop self powered devices.

These self powered devices do not require replaceable power supplies, as required by conventional batteries. To be preuse, Cagin & his partners from the University of Houston have found that a certain type of piezoelectric material when manufactured at a very small size that is around 21 nanometers in thickness can convert 100 percent energy. This gave birth to the self-charged cell concept in the beginning.

In fact, when materials are made of a different size, they show a significant decrease in their energy converting capacity. This findings have profound effects for low- powered device such as mobiles & laptops. So be cheer-up for the no-recharge mobiles  & laptops which are on anvil very short time from now to make us completely hassle free, most user friendly & happy-go-round without the burden of charging every now & then.

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