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ABS and EBD: What are these safety features found in the vehicle, how do they work in the vehicle

You must have heard many times about acronyms like ABS and EBD. You must have heard about it especially when you go to buy a new vehicle, or sometimes at a dealership while getting the car serviced. Some people don’t pay much attention to it thinking that it doesn’t matter. While some people have a rough understanding about it. Also, when we read that “the government has made ABS mandatory in cars”, you suddenly think what is it.

Here we are telling you about it in detail. ABS and EBD are safety features found in cars. The government has made it mandatory for automobile companies to provide this feature in their vehicles. After all, what are ABS and EBD and how important are these features. How do they work in a vehicle. What is their utility? Let us know about this special safety feature of the vehicle.

First of all let’s talk about ABS, the full name of ABS is Anti-lock Braking System (Anti Lock Braking). It is such a safety feature of the vehicle that prevents the bike or car from skidding on sudden braking, as well as controls the vehicle. With the help of the valve and speed sensor fitted in it, the wheels of the vehicle or bike do not lock on sudden braking and the vehicle stops in a short distance without skidding.

Explain that the world’s first ABS was designed for airplanes in 1929, while it was first used in cars in 1966. From the year 1980 onwards, this safety feature ABS started being installed in cars. Today ABS has become so important in terms of safety that the government has made it mandatory for every car / bike (bikes above 125cc engine) keeping in mind the safety of the people.

ABS System Parts

  • wheel speed sensor
  • electronic control unit
  • hydraulic system
How does the ABS system work?

When brakes are applied suddenly in a vehicle, at that time the pressure of brake oil binds the brake pads with the wheel and reduces its speed. If there is some obstacle in front of the vehicle at high speed due to which the vehicle has to be stopped completely, then the brake pedal is pressed hard so that the vehicle stops. But when the brakes are suddenly applied so hard at high speed, the brake pads stick to the wheel. In this case, the work of ABS system starts.

The speed sensor sends the wheel speed signal to the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) as soon as the brake pads start jamming the wheel. The ECU calculates the speed of each wheel and sends a signal to the hydraulic unit according to the speed of each wheel. On receiving the signal from ECU, the hydraulic system starts its work. The hydraulic system keeps increasing or decreasing the pressure in each wheel according to the speed of the signal received from the ECU.

And as soon as the wheels of the car start to jam, the hydraulic system reduces the brake pressure slightly so that the wheels start spinning again, and then stops the wheel by increasing the brake pressure. The special thing is that this process happens many times in a second and as a result, the wheels of the vehicle do not jam and the vehicle can be turned without any problem. By increasing or decreasing the pressure, the braking distance decreases.

What is EBD?

EBD is called Electronic Brakeforce Distribution. It is a system by which the brakes apply different brake forces to different wheels depending on the speed, load and road conditions of the vehicle. Whenever the brakes are applied suddenly, the car presses forward and when the car turns on a turn, the weight of the car and the passengers sitting on it are on one side.

In such a situation, when the brakes have to be applied in this situation, the chances of skidding without EBD vehicles are very high, because the EBD system gives different brake force to different wheels according to the weight and condition of the road. Due to which the vehicle remains under control even in such conditions and does not skid.


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