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Aadhaar Card: Aadhaar related ‘Ha’ number is important, if you lose the card you can make a new Aadhaar at home


  • Aadhar card is very important
  • Every Indian must have Aadhar card
  • The unique identification number is also important

Navi Delhi : Needless to say how much Aadhaar card is required. If a person loses their support, then naturally that person becomes restless. You have to go round the Aadhaar office to get a new card. But, if you have an important number when making a new Aadhar card, you can easily get a new Aadhar card at home. Learn what this number is and how it works.

This is a Unique Identification Number (UID) or Enrollment ID (EID). It is 28 digits. Which you get when you register for Aadhaar. After registering Aadhaar, make a note of your Aadhaar UID / EID. This will allow you to check the status of your Aadhaar registration. UIDAI Accordingly, in case of loss of Aadhaar, one can also apply for a new card online through Aadhaar UID / EID.

How to get Aadhar Card through UID / EID?

Aadhaar cardholder his Aadhar Card When I can’t remember the number EID Comes to work. You can easily create your Aadhar card with this registration number. EID is also used to check Aadhaar status and download Aadhaar. Through which you can download Aadhaar again from UIDAI website. If you want to download Aadhar Card, you need to go to Aadhar website. Where you have to enter the 14 digit registration number.

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