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A woman shared a clever method to prevent water wastage that will leave you amazed.

A woman has come up with a method to prevent water wastage that has left not only her boyfriend upset but also causing bewilderment among those who hear about it. The boyfriend took to Reddit to describe his frustration with the situation.

While forgetting to flush the toilet after use might be a common oversight, intentionally abstaining from flushing in the name of being eco-friendly is quite another matter. This is exactly what the man revealed about his girlfriend’s unusual behavior on social media, leaving people astonished. According to a report by LADbible, the man shared his experience in a lengthy post on Reddit, detailing how his girlfriend consistently refuses to flush the toilet after urinating. The reason behind her ‘most disgusting’ habit? To conserve water. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard it.

Expressing his frustration, the man explained that while he partly agreed with his girlfriend’s stance, he still found her actions unsettling. He recounted how he suggested flushing the toilet after urinating at least once a day, but his girlfriend insisted on not wasting water. However, the man noted that she did flush after using the toilet for other purposes, deeming it more essential.

The man’s revelation about his partner’s bathroom habits sparked a heated debate on the internet. Many Reddit users raised concerns about basic hygiene, with one commenting that while it might be a noble excuse to save water, it could also lead to unsanitary conditions. Another user warned that it could create a breeding ground for diseases, while yet another speculated that if a person only drank water throughout the day, there might not be any odor issue.


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