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A stone as big as a car fell on a moving truck, the pieces of the car were blown away, it will give you goosebumps VIDEO

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A dashcam footage has gone viral on social media, seeing which people have got goosebumps. It is shown that when two trucks were passing through a mountain road, a big rock falls on the moving vehicle. It can be seen in the video that the truck is blown to pieces within seconds. However, everyone miraculously escapes this horrific accident. This heart-wrenching incident happened in Peru.

According to CNN Chile, the drivers of two commercial trucks narrowly escaped the landslide that occurred last Saturday in Huanchor, San Mateo district. However, a part of the Central Highway was destroyed. The stone was so heavy that a big pothole was formed on the road. It is raining heavily in San Mateo these days. Landslides and rock falls are not uncommon in this area. Dozens of people have died due to landslides due to continuous rains.

In the dashcam footage that has gone viral, it can be seen that a stone the size of a car falls from the hill directly on top of the moving truck. As soon as the truck hits the rock, its wings fly away and then the vehicle jumps into the air. The car whose dashcam captured this footage also narrowly escaped being hit by a rock.

Watch the video here, when a stone the size of a car fell on a moving truck.

In the pictures after the incident, dozens of stones of different sizes are seen scattered on the road. The debris of two trucks is also visible, one of which is present on the roadside. Peruvian outlet La Republica reported that it took about four hours to clear the road.

According to reports by CNN Chile and La Repubblica, officials have attributed the landslide to heavy rains in the area. More than a year ago, the country faced a terrible tragedy when dozens of people were killed in landslides caused by incessant rains.


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