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A step back from the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra received its first certification

A new Samsung phone with the catalog number SM-S9180 lit up in the base of the Chinese 3C regulator. This number is attributed to the promising flagship Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, and according to the certification body, it will take a step back in terms of charging power compared to the current Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Galaxy S23 Ultra concept image

The maximum charging power of the Galaxy S23 Ultra will be 25 W (voltage 11 V at a current of 2.25 A). For comparison, the Galaxy S22 Ultra consumes 45W of power when charging by wire.

However, there is a nuance here: with its 45 watts, the Galaxy S22 Ultra charges only slightly faster than the “25-watt” Galaxy S21 Ultra. The thing is that the Galaxy S22 Ultra is not able to consume all 45 watts of power for a long time, so there is not much difference between 45 and 25 watts (in the case of Samsung phones, of course). In other words, the charging speed of the Galaxy S23 Ultra may be at the level of the Galaxy S22 Ultra with the second’s nominal ability to consume more power. But in any case, considering how far other flagships have come in terms of charging speed, Samsung’s marking time is not at all encouraging.

However, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will be able to please others: a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 single-chip platform and a new 200-megapixel sensor as part of the main camera.

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