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A smart sight was invented in Russia

Specialists from the Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant, an enterprise that is part of Rostec, have created an attachment for the sights that makes them “smart”. It automatically calculates corrections for wind, ballistics and range.

The system receives data from a ballistic computer, a weather sensor and a rangefinder. This allows her to make the necessary calculations and adjust the position of the aiming mark.

This system is universal. The attachment is suitable for any type of civilian scopes for sporting or hunting weapons. Thanks to the new technology, the owner of the weapon will not be distracted by calculations. He will only need to mark in the center of the crosshair and hit the target.

It is noted that the nozzle can be used with the most popular civilian models of refineries: PO4x24, PO6x36, PO3-6×36, PO3-9×24 and PU3.5×22.

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