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A single-seat flying saucer will be tested in the USA

American startup Zeva Aero has created a prototype of a single-seat air taxi Zero, which looks like a flying saucer. Engineers intend to move to manned flights in the next three to six months.

The aircraft is made according to the tailsitter scheme. It can take off vertically, fly like an airplane and land on its tail. This is a good option for air taxis, since such vehicles do not have high requirements for take-off sites.

The one-seater taxi Zero is a disc with a diameter of 2.4 meters and a mass of 317 kilograms. Its body is made of carbon fiber. The unit has two electrical screws on the front and back. It also comes with a battery. In the serial version, its capacity will be 25 kilowatt-hours. Zero will be able to fly up to 80 kilometers. Its maximum speed will be 257 kilometers per hour.

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