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A robot massage therapist with AI can cope no worse than a real specialist [VIDEO]

Aescape has added robotic massage therapists to its staff. She developed an intelligent system, which is a table with several robotic limbs capable of performing different types of techniques and self-learning in the process. Robots have already learned how to give a 30-minute relaxing massage.

The development uses AI to scan the client’s body and then select massage techniques. The system can register more than one million points to compare 3D data with the real position of the body in the process. Artificial intelligence identifies key anatomical positions and remembers the data during each session so that repeat customers can receive a similar service on their next visit. 

With the help of machine learning technology, the AI ​​becomes smarter by combining data learned from previous sessions. This allows the system to program new techniques and algorithms for working with the body. Over time, robotic massage therapists are beginning to offer customized massages that best suit clients’ needs.


Robot massage therapists have already managed to impress the first visitors who tried the technology for themselves. True, in some cases the AI ​​does not find points with nodes as effectively as a real massage therapist can do. In addition, customers can reduce the load on the robotic arms at any time if they feel that the system is working too intensively. 

In spring 2024, Aescape will launch ten AI-powered robotic massage tables throughout New York City. The company also intends to integrate new functions into its development. For example, in the future, visitors will be able to indicate specific areas of the body that require the most attention, as well as areas that they would like to avoid due to possible injuries.


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