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A rider who continued to run on his horse even after death and won the race

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There was a time when horses were used for transportation and in the battlefield, but now horses are no longer so important. Now people only keep horses as a hobby or they are used for horse riding. You must have seen horse riding in real life or in films, in which riders race on horses. In this race, some lose and some win, but today we are going to tell you about a race of horses, which is most unique and such a race has happened only once in history.

Actually, this story is about a horseman named Frank Hayes, who participated in the last race of his life or rather death in the year 1923 in Belmont Park, New York. It is believed that Frank was the only horseman in history to officially win a horsemanship competition while dead. He suffered a heart attack during the race and died on the horse itself.

The dream was to win the horse race

According to the report of Oddity Central, Frank was very fond of horse riding and always dreamed of winning horse races. Therefore, when he got a chance to prove himself, he did not want to let this opportunity go. This race was everything for him, but there was a big problem. His weight was 142 pounds, which was too much to participate in horse riding competition. In such a situation, he needed to lose weight fast.

Were crazy about the race

Frank was told that the only way to compete in the race was to lose 130 pounds, but this was almost impossible in just a few days. However, Frank did not want to let this opportunity slip away. So he started a tough routine to lose weight. He began exercising for hours and cut down on his diet, but just 24 hours before the race his weight was still 10 pounds over the limit. In such a situation, to lose weight quickly, he sweated like crazy and also stopped drinking water. Due to this, his weight reduced and he joined the race, but he looked very weak and tired.

Died in the middle of the race

The race started on June 4, 1923 and Frank created history. No one knew when he had a heart attack in the middle of the race and died, because his mare was running continuously and did not stop until she crossed the finish line. Later, when the doctors checked, they found that Frans was dead, but he had won the race and that too in a dead state. He became the first rider to win a horse race while still dead.

The mare that won the race was also unique

There is also a story about the mare on which Frank rode. It is said that she was a very ordinary seven-year-old mare, about whom even her owners did not have confidence that she would ever win any race, because she had lost badly in a big race. So she was not expected to do anything extraordinary, but Frank was confident that she could win. So the owners of that mare named ‘Sweet Kiss’ gave her to Frank to take part in the race and that race held on June 4 was the only race that ‘Sweet Kiss’ and Frank raced together, but a race that will be remembered for centuries. Will be done.


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