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A rating of countries by the availability of gasoline in Europe has been compiled. Russia is not even in the top ten

The RIA Novosti publication published a rating of European countries in terms of the availability of gasoline, which was compiled on the basis of data on how much fuel residents of different European countries can purchase with their average salary.

Luxembourg, Great Britain and the Netherlands topped the rating. Residents of Luxembourg can buy more than 2 thousand liters of AI-95 gasoline with their average monthly salary, given that one liter of fuel in terms of Russian currency costs about 120.8 rubles there. In the UK, the result was 1459 liters at a price of 143.7 rubles per liter of gasoline.

In terms of the availability of gasoline for the population, Russia was in 13th place, between Kazakhstan and Italy. The average Russian car owner will buy 1,057 liters of gasoline with his salary. Residents of Kazakhstan can purchase 1102 liters, and Italians – 966 liters.

At the bottom of the ranking are residents of Romania, who can buy 384 liters of gasoline with their average salary. In Bulgaria, Latvia, Slovakia and Croatia, the result does not exceed 500 liters.

The cheapest gasoline without reference to the average salary is now in Kazakhstan. There, AI-95 gasoline costs about 28.2 rubles. In second place is Russia, where the average cost of gasoline is 51.2 rubles. The third place is occupied by Belarus with a price of 57 Russian rubles. Gasoline is the most expensive in Finland, it costs about 155 rubles in terms of our money. It costs more than 140 rubles in the UK, Greece, Denmark and the Netherlands.

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