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A rash on the body turned out to be another of the most common symptoms of coronavirus.

This was warned by a pediatrician, infectious disease specialist, vaccinologist Evgeny Timakov. According to the expert, such rashes have been known for a long time, there is even an atlas of rashes. In children, this rash is especially noted with the Delta strain. It is important to monitor this symptomatology – by the rash, you can understand the strength of the inflammatory process in the body.

“There is a concept in children such as covid fingers – these fingers seem to be frostbitten, such a burn. These rashes also existed, plus we have the concept of a multisystem inflammatory syndrome, which was also present in the previous strains – this is a complication of the coronavirus, when a vasculitis-type rash appears on the body. There are various rashes for coronavirus, they are frequent, ”the doctor warned.

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