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A new Starfield patch has been announced. It will add facial expressions to photo mode

Starfield, released last fall, never became a hit on the level of The Elden Scrolls V: Skyrim. Nevertheless, Bethesda Softworks hopes to make the game a folk product, although the developers are moving towards this status in too small steps.


The other day, for example, the company announced a new patch. Its main feature is the ability to choose the facial expressions of the characters (and the VASCO robot) in photo mode. In addition, the RPG will fix bugs and make a couple of mechanics more convenient. In particular, players will be able to collect resources without closing the scanner, and inactive missions will become active if they are set on a course in space.

The public reacted negatively to the changes. On Reddit forums, people are questioning why Bethesda is adding new features to Photo Mode but hasn’t yet bothered to fix the vendors’ meager credit inventory or introduce variety into random encounters. However, the developers know better.

The beta version of the patch will be released on March 6, and the full release will take place within a couple of weeks. As a reminder, the previous update was released on February 20.


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