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A new photo lens “Shvabe” is presented. The new Selena-S 2.2/85 is designed for Canon cameras

Krasnogorsk plant them. S. A. Zverev of the Shvabe holding of the Rostec State Corporation opened the acceptance of pre-orders for the Selena-S 2.2 / 85 photographic lens. The novelty allows you to create a special pattern of a picture with a “twisted” background blur and is designed for installation on Canon cameras. According to the developers, the new photo lens model is ideal for creating artistic photos and shooting family portraits.
The high-aperture Selena-C 2.2/85 portrait lens has a normal focal length and can be used on full-frame SLR cameras with a Canon EF bayonet connection. The lens has manual focus and aperture settings.
An anti-reflective multilayer coating on the lenses of this lens model increases transmission and reduces light scattering, which creates favorable contrast and image sharpness. This technical capability largely eliminates ghosting, flare and light spots even when photographing against the light with a large difference in the brightness of the subject.


As part of the first batch, we will release a hundred lenses. Among other models of the line, this Selena is distinguished by a focal length of 85 mm and a special optical design that contains an ultra-small number of lenses – only four in three groups. This design solution is an author’s technology and in practice provides good color reproduction. Today you can buy a lens only in Russia.


General Director of KMZ Alexander Novikov.


A new photo lens
Order a novelty available on the website for 42,850 rubles.
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