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A mountain of troubles fell on Netflix users! The company took away the freedom to do this work

Netflix is ​​a popular OTT platform.

Netflix Offline: Netflix is ​​used all over the world to watch movies and web series. This is a very popular streaming platform. However, some strict steps taken by the company have definitely disappointed the users. Netflix has already banned password sharing, but now users should be prepared to say goodbye to another special feature.

Netflix is ​​about to end its Windows 11 and Windows 10 apps. Instead, a web app can be introduced. But the biggest shock is that you will not get the download/offline feature on Windows.

netflix The upcoming Windows app will be further improved. But offline view feature will not be available from the company in this. According to media reports, this popular feature will be removed from the upcoming Windows app. You will not be able to download movies or web series and watch them offline. In the existing app you get a chance to download.

Download option will not be available on Netflix

In the existing apps of Windows 11 and Windows 10, users can download their favorite content in 1080p full HD. However, there will be no support for downloading new apps under the new update. But you will be able to watch TV shows and movies offline on mobile. This means that now Netflix shows will run offline only on mobiles and tablets.

Netflix will bring cheap plan

Ad-support feature will also come in Netflix’s updated app for Windows. Through this, people will see ads on Netflix. Its big advantage is that Netflix will give you the opportunity to watch movies and shows at a very low rate. Commercial ads will appear while watching most TV shows and movies. Apart from this, due to licensing, some shows will not be available to watch on Netflix.

When will Netflix’s updated app arrive?

Netflix does not have ad-supported plan in India. Therefore, if you want to watch shows offline then you can watch them on mobile only. At present, it is not clear when the update for Netflix’s Windows app will come. For those who have auto-updated on Microsoft Store, the Netflix app will automatically download as soon as the new version is released.


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