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A mining farm was assembled on the PlayStation 5 chips. You can already buy it

The use of desktop graphics cards for mining is no longer surprising. But recently, a ready-made farm ASRock BC-250 appeared in European retail – and, according to insiders, its hardware deserves special attention. According to network sources, the novelty uses chips for the PlayStation 5 as a computing module.

According to available information, an unusual rig is assembled from twelve modified SoCs produced by AMD, on the basis of which the popular game console is built. This is also hinted at by the specifications of the novelty: 16 GB of GDDR6 memory and the absence of a mention of the processor model. ASRock itself does not post information about the specified product on its official website.


Insiders suggest that the vendor uses defective chips purchased from AMD that are capable of performing the calculations necessary for mining, but unsuitable for assembling the PlayStation 5. The declared performance of an unusual farm is up to 610 MH / s. With a retail price of € 13,499 and the current Ethereum exchange rate, its payback period is estimated at about 440-530 days – if the transition to the Proof of Stake model does not occur earlier.

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