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A medical probe for the study of atherosclerotic plaques inside the vessels will be created in Russia

This probe will be delivered to the desired research sites and, using optoacoustic imaging technology, will be used to detect and analyze brain lesions and atherosclerotic plaques. Also, using this technology, you can examine breast tissue for tumors or already formed neoplasms.

The principle of operation of such a probe is to irradiate tissues with pulses of a miniature laser at a wavelength at which a certain biomarker – hemoglobin, collagen, or even water – absorbs light. By absorbing light, the biomarker heats up and expands, but in the intervals between flashes it manages to contract again. Because of this, a mechanical vibration occurs at very high frequencies – it is this ultrasound that gives out the presence and location of the desired molecules. It is possible, for example, to read the composition of an atherosclerotic plaque. Ultrasound is recorded by a sensitive microphone.

This method is safe compared to the ionizing radiation of all existing diagnostic devices. The probe, which is offered by Russian experts, is a fiber optic through which flashes of light are delivered. There is a micromembrane at the tip of the probe. The system consists of two lasers at once: the pulses of the first reach the end of the probe, pass through the membrane and activate biomarkers, forcing them to generate acoustic waves. In turn, another laser reads out the ultrasound, causing the membrane to vibrate.

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