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A little carelessness and the laptop will explode! Stop these mistakes today itself

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If you use a laptop, then today’s information is especially for you. While running the laptop, the system gives some signals which are very important to understand, if you ignore these signals then your laptop will either get damaged quickly or may even explode like a bomb.

There are some things that you must pay attention to while using the laptop, otherwise you may get into trouble. Many times people are worried that the laptop overheats too much, but have you ever wondered why the problem of overheating occurs in the system?

Laptop Overheating Issue: Why does this problem occur?

Compared to new laptops, the problem of overheating is more common in old systems, there can be not just one but many reasons behind this. For example, the cooling fan installed in the laptop is not working properly due to which there is problem of overheating.

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Apart from the cooling fan, another reason could be that the heat is not coming out properly due to accumulation of dust in the area from where the heat comes out in the laptop. Keep cleaning the dust accumulated in the laptop every two-four days, if the heat does not come out from the laptop properly then the problem of overheating will still remain. Do not ignore this even by mistake, if you ignore this then the battery of your laptop may burst which may cause fire.

Pay attention to laptop battery also

If the laptop runs only after charging, then get the battery checked. If the shopkeeper or the service center tells you that the laptop’s battery is drained, then do not make the mistake of not getting the battery replaced to save money. If the battery is swelling then get it changed immediately, otherwise your laptop may get burnt to ashes due to the battery bursting while running the laptop.


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