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A Janet Jackson song could crash your laptop and computers

Let’s go back a little and remind you in 2009, a music video for Janet Jackson “Rhythm Nation” was presented to the whole world and people liked this song so much after which she won many awards.

At the Grammys, Janet Jackson won “Best Long Form Music Video” as well as winning 2 MTV Music Video Awards; the music video is still frequently on those “Greatest Videos of All Time” lists.

But have you ever heard someone complaining about a laptop? It may sound strange, but Janet Jackson’s 1989 classic “Rhythm Nation” clearly has the ability to crash your laptop’s hard drive. It’s not us but Microsoft’s chief software engineer Raymond Chen. Has a claim .

According to Chen’s blog post

Some laptops running Windows XP could not handle specific musical notes in a song; Which causes their hard drive to crash in the process. He said the nearby computers were also affected by the song playing on a laptop. Chen, however, did not name the laptop brands.

How did a music video crash the laptop?

Chen revealed that all the bad laptops have the same 5400 RPM hard drive. So whenever a video was played on the laptop of the said brand, a laptop sitting nearby would crash even though that other laptop was not playing the video. Simply put, do you know that loud noise? How can a glass break? So it was something like this. Think of it this way: When a song is played on a computer speaker, the sound waves produced cause the hard drive to vibrate, causing the computer to crash.

How was the problem solved?

Microsoft’s lead software engineer stated that “the manufacturer worked around the problem by adding a custom filter to the audio pipeline that detected and removed offending frequencies during audio playback.”

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