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A hacker was paid a record amount for discovering a critical error in Ethereum

Jay Freeman, the creator of jailbreak on iOS Cydia, found a critical vulnerability in the Geth fork, thanks to which attackers could create an infinite number of Ethereum coins. For the mistake he found, he received a record amount.


The discovered vulnerability allowed the attackers  to create as much ETH  in the balance of the Optimism account as they would like . The investigation showed that they did not have time to exploit the vulnerability, with the exception of its accidental activation by an employee of the Etherscan startup. The issue was fixed within a few hours of being identified. For the discovery of a serious vulnerability, Jay Freeman received one of the largest awards to date – $ 2,000,042.

Optimism is a scalable layer 2 solution for Ethereum that aggregates transactions off the blockchain to dramatically improve transaction speeds. However, as this bug has shown, although layer 2 protocols provide efficiency gains, security remains a major concern.

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