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A famous director shot a new movie on the iPhone 13 Pro

South Korean producer and screenwriter Park Chan-wook has made a new film using Apple’s flagship instead of a movie camera. Having completed filming, the creator of the popular “revenge trilogy” (“Oldboy”, “Empathy for Mr. Revenge” and “Empathy for Lady Revenge”) shared his impressions of working with the device.

Park Chan Wook filmed a 20-minute long fantasy movie with martial arts elements called “Life is just a dream” on iPhone 13 Pro. The director assures that with the help of a smartphone, he fully managed to convey what he intended, using a cinematic shooting mode with an automatic focus shift function.

In addition, he noted the effective blurring of the background, the accurate color reproduction of scenes and the high quality of recording in poor lighting conditions. The compactness of the device and video stabilization technology also make it easier to work in “cramped” and dynamic scenes.

Speaking about the filming process, Park Chang Wook emphasized that with such an advanced device, everyone can feel like a director – it is enough to stop being afraid of difficulties and just start shooting.

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