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A cooler than a fan has arrived! Throws chilled air as soon as it is turned on, fits anywhere

New Delhi. The price of coolers and ACs starts increasing during the summer season. If someone tells you that AC is coming cheaper than the fan, will you believe it? But it is so true. Because for the first time such a cooler has also come which costs less than the fan. So let us also tell you about it and also you can order it sitting at home. Along with this, you also get a tank in which you can fill water.

The GLWO Portable Dual Air Cooler is quite economical and at the same time its air is also very fast. Its air is very cold. In this you also get a small tank at the bottom. You can easily run it after pouring water in it. Also, you do not have to spend any other amount in this. It has also been brought to India for the first time. You can easily buy it from Flipkart.

The MRP of this cooler is Rs 999 and you can buy it after discount for just Rs 498. That is, its cost will cost you less than the fan. Also, you can get other discounts on it under many bank offers. Its specialty is that it can also be connected to a laptop. That is, as soon as it fits on the table, its air will not let you feel the heat at all.

ENMORA 39 Air Cooler is also included in its variety. Its specialty is also similar. Its air is not less cold than any AC. Along with this, many bank offers are also included on this. The MRP of this cooler is Rs 779 whereas after its discount it can be bought for Rs 599. After this the charging cable is also available. You can also charge it with that. After charging, it gives cool air for hours.

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