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A computer in the likeness of a human brain instead of useless microcircuits? Already in development, since 2005

The end of the 50s of the last century is considered the peak in the development of supersonic aircraft. The Soviet Union and the United States worked on their projects. We decided to keep up with the superpowers in Europe. In 1956, the British government established the Supersonic Transport Advisory Committee (STAC). Already by 1962, engineers had developed an aircraft called the Bristol 233, equipped with a delta wing and four engines. The plane could accommodate 110 people. The French at that time had a similar program – Super-Caravelle. However, high development costs forced the two countries to merge. In May 1969, at the Le Bourget Air Show, the Concorde No. 001 was presented.

In October of the same year, the prototype on tests for the first time exceeded the speed of sound (340.29 m / s or 1234.8 km / h), holding a Mach 1.05 for nine minutes. Model “Concorde” # 102, tested on January 10, 1973, already boasted a maximum speed limit of M = 2.23.

Over 27 years of regular flights, Concorde has carried over three million passengers. Unfortunately, there were some tragic incidents. So, on July 25, 2000, one plane crashed while trying to take off from the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. 113 people died. After this disaster, British Airways and Air France suspended regular flights of the Concordes for a year and a half, and on November 26, 2003, fully completed the operation of the legendary airliner.

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