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A chip for quantum computers is presented, operating at a temperature lower than in outer space

New York-based quantum computing startup SEEQC has announced it has created a digital chip that can operate at temperatures lower than outer space, so it can be used with quantum processors, which are often found in cryogenic chambers.

Quantum computers based on quantum physics could one day perform calculations millions of times faster than today’s most powerful supercomputer. One problem is that quantum processors with quantum bits or qubits often need to be stored at very low temperatures, close to zero Kelvin, or -273.15 Celsius. On the other hand, classical computers operate at ordinary temperatures.

Today, wires connect a quantum processor in a freezer to classic computers at room temperature, but temperature changes can slow down the speed and cause other problems. In the same way, SEEQC built its quantum computer and is now trying to modify it with its new chips.

“If you’re trying to build a data center, if that’s your goal, then it’s not enough to take those early prototype designs and try to brute force them to scale,” said John Levy, co-founder and CEO of SEEQC.

The first chip, unveiled this week, sits directly below the quantum processor and controls the qubits and reads the results. At least two other chips, which are still under development, will be in the slightly warmer part of the cryogenic chamber. They can further process the information needed for quantum computing.

The technology could make it easier to build more powerful quantum computers, Levy said, as each cryogenic chamber could support more qubits. Modern superconducting quantum computers have hundreds of qubits, but by some estimates it could take thousands or even a million qubits to build a quantum computer to run useful algorithms.

SEEQC’s digital chips are manufactured at SEEQC’s Elmsford plant using silicon wafers but no transistors, Levy said.



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