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A brand new 2022 iPhone for $300? This price is attributed to the iPhone SE 3 models

Whatever the new iPhone SE is and whatever it’s called, if it only costs $300, it’s going to be in high demand. And this is the price the source ascribes to him.

The source says the smartphone has already been imported to India under part numbers A2595, A2783 and A2784 for testing. And supposedly this smartphone will cost only $300. Recall that the current iPhone SE costs $400 for the basic version. The original iPhone SE started at the same price. And it is not yet clear why the new model should cost a quarter less at once.

In any case, the announcement is expected soon. The new iPhone, called iPhone SE 3, iPhone SE (2022) and iPhone SE+ 5G, according to JP Morgan, can attract up to 1.5 billion new users. True, where analysts get such strange calculations from is completely unclear, given that there are now just over 1 billion active iPhones of all generations in the world.

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