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A 20-minute Tesla Model 3 charge cost the owner $600,000 due to a software glitch

In the early stages of development of the Supercharger network of charging stations, Tesla did not charge car owners for replenishing the charge of traction batteries of the electric vehicles of the same name, but then it was decided to put this type of activity on a commercial footing in order to accelerate the development of charging networks. Some users had to deal with not the most pleasant surprises, like a $600,000 bill following a short-term charge.

The thematic resource Electrek told about the incident in China . One of the local owners of Tesla Model 3 was faced with the fact that his electric car refused to be charged at the branded Supercharger station, citing the presence of debt in the amount of 3,846,306 yuan, which approximately corresponds to the amount of $600,000. The most interesting thing is that such a debt accumulated after charging the traction battery February 27 this year for 20 minutes.

The Tesla app on the car owner’s smartphone also showed that he had exhausted his limit of free charging miles, having spent 2286 km of “preferential mileage” in the previous session. Obviously, the car simply could not accept the appropriate charge at one time, because the Tesla Model 3 battery has several times less capacity. The charging network determined that the next charging session should already be charged, and the bulk of the “debt” ran for the “unproductive downtime” of the electric car when the charge was already completed, and the car continued to stand and take up space at the Supercharger station. In this case, the amount of the debt was still calculated incorrectly, although the owner unwittingly abused the rules for using the charging station.

Tesla representatives said that the cause of the failure in the calculations was an error in the on-board software of the electric vehicle, which should be corrected in the future. At the time of preparing the material for publication, by the way, this did not happen.


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