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90 thousand Apple Watch Ultra available for 2,600, not Flipkart, this site is offering


New Delhi. Apple has recently launched a series of Smartwatch. You can buy these smartwatches online. Apple Watch Ultra can also prove to be the best option for you. Everyone wants to buy this smartwatch, but due to the high price, many times you have to change the plan. If you also want to buy the watch, then you have to go to Facebook Market Place.

Here you will see many options of Apple Watch Ultra. The special thing is that from here you can get the smartwatch for just Rs 2,600. You don’t even need to do anything special to buy it. You just have to go to the Facebook app and here you will also see the Facebook Market Place. Several advertisements have been posted here, in which the price of Apple Watch Ultra has been mentioned as Rs 2,600.

If you also want to buy Smartwatch, then you can go and buy it from Gurugram. The user has also posted an advertisement regarding this. It has been claimed that they have got stock of smartwatches. This stock has come from America, that’s why they are selling it cheap. To buy it, you can order by calling and can also be ordered by reaching there.

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The stock of Apple Watch Ultra is also available in Faridabad. You can also easily buy it from Facebook Market Place. Let us tell you in advance, anyone can easily post an advertisement on Facebook Market Place. For this you do not need to do anything separately. Also, let us tell you that we do not have any experience with Facebook Market Place. Please check the product before buying it from here.



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