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9 million people filed a case against Sony PlayStation, accused of taking more commission


9 million people have sued Sony Interactive Entertainment.
The complainants have accused the gaming giant of charging 30 per cent more.
The lawsuit covers all purchases made in the UK since 19 August 2016.

New Delhi. According to a report by Sky News, nine million (90 lakh) people have sued Sony Interactive Entertainment. Users have accused the company of overpricing PlayStation games. Along with this, users of the gaming console manufacturer have also accused Sony of harassing people with games and in-game purchases on its online store.

Sky News said the legal action states that more than £5 billion has been collected from customers over the past six years. This includes all purchases made by the complainants in the UK since August 19, 2016. The claimants have argued that the gaming giant charged a 30% commission on every digital game or in-game purchase made through the PlayStation Store.

The company is violating the law
Alex Neal has alleged that Sony is violating the Competition Law. The company specifically cites the 30 percent cut that it makes all digital purchases (through VGC). The lawsuit alleges collective action on the part of those who purchased the game or downloadable content (DLC) on the PlayStation Store in the UK since August 2016. Nine million people are estimated to be involved in this.

Company is charging more
Neil told Sky News that I stand in this legal action for the millions of people in Britain who have unintentionally overpaid. We believe that Sony has misused its position and caused harm to its customers. Sony’s action is costing millions of people who can’t afford it. Let us tell you that Sony takes 30 percent of all purchases made on its digital storefront.

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