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80 pizzas per hour: a new robot chef created

Former engineers at space company SpaceX have developed a robot that can replace a chef in making pizza. It can create up to one hundred pizzas per hour.

The robot will be tested at the Stellar Pizza restaurant, which opens in Los Angeles in the spring of 2022. The robot prepares pizza by itself and fits in the back of a small truck. Unfortunately, the entire cooking process is not yet subject to the device. The pre-made dough is loaded into it separately. But the robot rolls it out, gives it a round shape, adds sauces, filling and bakes the dish.

It is reported that the creators of the robot brought in a professional pizza cooking consultant Noel Brochner, who helped find a balance between price and quality of products.

The robot is distinguished by its cooking speed. It can dispense pizzas every 45 seconds.

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