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80 percent of NFT images are fakes

Marketplace Cent, where the world’s first tweet went under the hammer , has announced that it has stopped selling NFT art. The reason for this decision was called a huge number of fake or simply copied lots, the cost of which is estimated at tens, and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars.


The platform’s official announcement notes that the removal of the ability to sell NFTs is a temporary step, during which methods to combat plagiarism will be developed. The company also cited a statement from a large platform, Open Sea, which said that more than 80% of NFT images are simply copied or slightly modified works of other authors.

We’ve seen people take other people’s work and redo it with our services. We do not approve of such behavior – from an ethical, legal and philosophical point of view, it goes against our values ​​​​and what we stand for, ”said representatives of Cent.

Now the marketplace only offers trading in tokens with tweets attached to them. Terms of resuming the sale of other types of content are not reported. Recall that NFT is a certificate confirming the owner’s rights to a digital object. At the same time, there is no talk of physical protection of the file itself: although attackers cannot steal the blockchain token, nothing prevents them from copying the image itself and passing it off as their own.

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